"We’re moving too fast."



"Owen, it’s coffee, as friends. I’m not asking you to get married, buy a house and raise two point five kids with me. This is like the tiniest of baby steps here,"

"Yeah, right. sometimes multi tasking fails me. Let’s stop this train jacking."

"You know, being a speedster, I never thought I’d say something was moving too fast."

Owen grinned and put his mask on.

"Goes to show anything can surprise you."

notyourbatwoman started following you

"You’re not the bat I’m used to, uh…"


"Nothing much Boomerang. Keeping out a trouble?"

"You know it," Owen said with a grin. "And stopping trouble where I find it. It’s Throwback now, by the way."

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"Nightwing! What’s up?"

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"We’re not having this conversation."

“‘Cause you know you’ll lose?”



"You just…are."

"Do you realize how ridiculous that sounds?"



"That’s not what I said."

"Hmph. So how am I involved?"

+5 heroes showed up just in time for Superboy to graciously PRETEND he needs a hand!



"I care more about breathing, thanks!” The Kid yelled back, landing in a roll where the plants had dropped him before springing back into the air with ease. That leg-up was all he’d needed - the debris in the overgrown botanical garden was plentiful and it only took a few seconds for Superboy to find a slab of broken concrete big enough to crush the root of the plant creature into mulch.

"Cover me!" He ordered his unexpected companion, holding the rock aloft like it weighed nothing more than a car tyre. "Unless that means something else on the mainland too, then buy me dinner first!”

"All right, all right!" Owen called back, "I’ll explain that one later!”

So much for a nice Hawaii vacation full of sun, sand, and just taking it easy. Of course there had to be killer vines. Life just wouldn’t be complete without murderous flora.

"Okay, wind from the north, vines moving just like that…" Owen reached for a boomerang. "Get ready! Here goes!"

He whipped out the boomerangs, flinging them so fast it looked like he threw them all at once. The spinning projectiles cut through the air, snapping vines as they circled around the beast.

"Get ‘em! Now!"