… If you don’t tell me that I’m cute, I will kiss you. 

You wouldn’t.



No, you’re a weirdo.

Come on, Owie— I’m a little cute~

Nope! Weirdo!

+5 heroes showed up just in time for Superboy to graciously PRETEND he needs a hand!



Tim Drake…"  

The word passed Superboy’s lips with curiosity, drawn out like something he was trying very hard to recall. It hit something in him, but… what? He couldn’t quite put his finger on it. 

Some kind of cosmic enlightenment he hadn’t gotten the setup line for yet, probably. Maybe it’d mean something in a year or two.


Egyptian, huh?” He turned his attention to what kiiiinda sounded like a tall story, but heck, he’d tricked the poor dude into thinking the water in Hawaii grew people. “Man, never paid much attention in History class. Well, never been to school, but I bet if I did I wouldn’t listen. That’s the stuff where they yank your brain outta your nose, right?”

"Nope, see, that’s what they want you to think,” Owen said matter-of-factly. “Do you think they’re really going to tell you if there’s fully intact dead people that are going to come back to life? I mean really, imagine the panic that the public would get into.”

The red-head grinned. “Nah, I just got killed, and then some time later there was this whole White Lantern thing, which is like Green Lanterns except they bring people back to life or something. Bam boom bam, and I wake up to myself walking down the middle of a Gotham street.”


No, I’m cute.

No, you’re a weirdo.


… I’m watching The Care Bears movie. 

 Don’t ask me why.

You are such a weirdo.


His eyes narrowed, fingers drumming on the grip of his gun. “Haven’t ya heard? Don’t butt in in Gotham. You wanna stop drug deals, head on down to Star or somethin’.”

"Hey, hold on there," Owen held up his hands in protest. "I’m here helping one of you masked Bat types. I’m working with Red Robin, so put the gun away."



"And you’re kind of a moron for suggesting as such. I am Robin."

"Daaaaaaamn," Owen whistled. "Robin got a new hood and some serious attitude."

+5 heroes showed up just in time for Superboy to graciously PRETEND he needs a hand!



"Who’s Tim when he’s at home makin’ instant Superboys?” Superboy raised an eyebrow, wondering vaguely why the name sounded kinda… right, somehow. But he couldn’t place it. "I’m a Cadmus project - those high-tech Luthor-funded labs. Built to take over from the big blue Boy Scout an’ all, y’know how it is. Only the guy had the nerve to show up again, so I got to split and work on bein’ me instead.” 

He sighed, harshly enough to blow his unruly curl of dark hair away from his eyes with a puff.

"But anyway— I gotta say, for a dead guy you’re lookin’ pretty good. What’s your workout routine? Drink a lot of formaldehyde? I mean, yeesh, I’ve got a friend who’d wanna hear all about that.”

"Tim’s my partner. Tim Drake. We work together, sorta. It’s more like he does all the thinking and I get in the way. Sometimes I help him rough some baddies up."

Owen grinned and puffed out his chest. “Ancient Egyptian secret. I used to be a mummy but turns out they really knew what they were doing with that whole preservation of the dead thing.”

+5 heroes showed up just in time for Superboy to graciously PRETEND he needs a hand!


Ohhhh, yeah.” The Kid agreed, completely seriously. “All those mangoes-on-a-stick and coconut water and the big blue ocean? We shoot up like weeds. It’s the best lifestyle in the world.”


 A second passed before he burst into laughter, slapping Owen on the shoulder heartily. “Oh, dude, your face! Nah, nah, I’m messin’ with you, I’m a science project. Ohhh, jeez…!”

Superboy wiped a tear from his eye with the back of his hand, taking a minute or two to calm down. The guy had totally bought it. “The big S-Man’s death an’ CADMUS’ Superman Project were all over the news a year or two back, guess you must’ve missed the second half.”

Owen grunted and stuck his tongue out at Superboy. 

"A science project? That sounds like something Tim would come up with. Mix a little of this, a little of that, and bam, instant Superboy. Are you sure he didn’t do it?”

Owen snorted and waited patiently for the Kid to finish, but couldn’t resist cracking a wry smile.  

"Yeah, I was either dead or else in the far future when Superman was dead. Either way, I missed that memo."

+ owenboomermercer


"What? No. I’m just comparing you two because you have red hair." He thinks for a minute. "The Flash Costume does look better without the mask, though…"

"So you really think I’m hotter than Wally? Damn. That’s something I never thought I’d hear. Wonder what I’d look like if I became the Flash full time."